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I’m Interested! What Now?

Create Your Account

Once you create your account in a few simple steps, we will approve it and provide you with instructions regarding moving forward with your first transaction.

What you will need to open a Clearshift account
    • 2 of the following ID:

    valid passport
    valid driver’s license
    national id

    • A voided check or bank statement from every bank account you will be receiving funds from or sending to.
    • We will send you an electronic form to fill out with all the required information.
    • We may need to identify you in person as a legal requirement. No worries- we will let you know if this is needed.
Make Payments

If you have a standing instruction, we will automatically convert and deliver any funds received from your sending party. Depending on your activity with us, we may provide you with online access that will allow you to manage payments.

Verify your Rate and Low Cost

The exchange rate used and our low fee will be clearly disclosed in the confirmation you receive from us. Also, you may verify your exchange rate on Siren Benchmark website.

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