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A Few of our Advantages

Fixing Exchange Rate

The fixing rates we use are set by a neutral third party. The rate benefits neither a buyer nor a seller of a currency. When you place an order to purchase foreign currency from Clearshift, you and Clearshift both commit to price the exchange at the NEXT fixing rate to be published by the Siren Benchmark.

Low Cost

depending on your annual volume size - that’s it!

Clearshift charges an ultra-low percentage fee on all international payments. Our customers know the exact amount of their fee - information which banks and other competitors cannot provide. For foreign currency payments, our fee represents the full, true cost of our services. Our fee is actually separately invoiced and debited from your account so that you can clearly see the neutral fixing exchange rate we use, separate from the fee we charge for the service of exchanging and delivering that foreign currency.

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None of our competitors are openly offering a lower true cost and none of them will openly commit to a fixed “spread” or commission rate. A refusal to commit to a fixed commission rate is likely an indication that a hidden cost is buried in the rate mark-up, one that exceeds 1% and may even be as high as 3%. This is often in addition to other disclosed payment fees charged such as a wire fee. The savings with Clearshift are dramatic.

Consistent with our core value of transparency, our fee is publicly disclosed, not a privately negotiated matter. Clearshift's policy is not to differentiate between similarly situated customers. We believe that pricing and volume discounts should be equally available to all.


Both Cost and Verifiable Rate Clarity.

You will always know in advance the exact cost of the transaction.

You will always be able to verify the exchange rate through an independent 3rd party - Siren Benchmark.

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Some claim transparency by promising you the interbank mid-rate, but they don't back it up with anything you can independently verify after the fact. Others claim transparency by matching buyers and sellers peer-to-peer, but similarly, do not enable you to verify after the fact that you matched at the mid-rate or matched at all. Still others cynically claim transparency because at the time of the trade they calculate and disclose exactly how much you will pay in one currency and how much you will receive in the other currency, conveniently glossing over the fact that they are not disclosing how much profit they tucked into that quote by marking up the exchange rate.

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