Daily vs. Realtime

Traders and speculators demand real-time exchange rate quotes and instant order execution because they are betting that current interbank exchange rates are about to go up or down.  Clearshift and its customers don’t profess to know whether the exchange rate will be more favorable at 4pm than at 11am or tomorrow than today.  A daily rate eliminates the distracting temptation to speculate and enables you to focus on and compare the "true cost" of a simple currency conversion.   

This is precisely why banks and brokers offer their business and retail customers real time rates, despite the fact that the funds are typically not needed until the end of the day to cover some payment!  They are looking to avoid a direct comparison of their rates and the exposure of the customer's "true cost". 

Look at it  this way: with a bank, it is quite likely that out of thousands of customers who exchange a certain currency pair on any given day, NO two customers will receive the same exchange rate!  With Clearshift, EVERY customer receives the exact same exchange rate on any given day.

This is also the key to the extremely low "true cost" we offer our customers.  By bringing our wide range of customers together to exchange currency at a pre-agreed point in the day at a pre-agreed independent rate, we effectively cut out the middle-men institutions, brokers and traders.  Our customers essentially exchange currency directly with each other, with Clearshift facilitating the "matching" of buyers and sellers and clearing the transaction.  From the customer's perspective, this is accomplished without any risk, as Clearshift both guarantees in advance the availability of currency at the daily rate and guarantees the safety and successful completion of the exchange transaction.

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