We provide simplifying solutions for international trade that enable our customers to focus on their core competencies. Our solutions are tailored to industry-specific foreign currency payment and exchange requirements and are always geared at both reducing transaction costs and increasing customer back-office efficiency.

Non-Profit Organizations

Local non-profit organizations fundraising US tax-deductible donations through their US "friends of"  non-profit organizations can increase their net donation revenue by 0.5% to 1.5%.  Clearshift offers a simplified process for transporting the USD in the hands of the US organization to local currency in the hands of the local organization.
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Educational Institutions

Educational institutions for students from abroad process tuition payments made from the US and must cover their operational expenses in local currency.  Very significant amounts (as high as 6%) are being lost in transaction costs from processing these tuition payments.  Clearshift offers a range of billing and payment options to simplify and drastically reduce the costs of billing, collection, conversion and receipt of these tuition payments.  Our solutions can be offered alongside traditional payment methods or as a complete alternative.

Other Industries

We are constantly studying additional industries and their unique payment needs to develop appropriate solutions.

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