Open a Clearshift personal account to benefit from simple, automated currency exchange at a fraction of the True Cost: 0.5%, as compared to a True Cost of 0.75%-1.25% at your bank or money changer.  Set up a “standing instruction” to automatically exchange and deliver any funds you send us. 

  Typical personal account uses:

  Conversion of foreign wage, income, support or pension to cover local living expenses
  Mortgage or rent payments on a local or foreign property
  Paying local or foreign tuition bills
  Funding local or foreign investment activities
  Emigration or repatriation

   Suitable for:

  Israeli citizens or residents,
  who hold an account in their name at an Israeli bank,
  who regularly exchange amounts valued in excess of $5,000 USD**, and 
  are exchanging funds held in their own name at their Israeli or foreign bank.  

  Currently available currency pairs & rate types:

   USD/ILS (US Dollar / New Israeli Shekel) – priced daily at the Bank of Israel daily reference (“Yatzig”) rate published on its site.

*Total - VAT included.
**Minimum charge per exchange transaction of 180 NIS applies.

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