Businesses are our core focus.  Banks hide their “dealing room” from small- and mid-size companies (SME) and appease them with discount “points” off of their retail rate spreads.  The end result is a lack of transparency, with most businesses not even realizing that they are giving up 1% or more every time they convert currency.  The true costs are buried in a customer’s currency fluctuation losses on their annual financial statements.  Those same losses show up on the banks’ financial statements as "exchange rate differential" profits.

If you engage in international trade or transact in foreign currency, open a Clearshift business account and add immediately to your top-line revenues or reduce your operating costs.  Compare Clearshift’s True Cost of 0.25% to a True Cost of 0.75%-1.25% at your bank or money changer.  As a licensed money transmitter, Clearshift can also receive or deliver cross-border foreign currency payments on your behalf at NO additional charge.

  Typical business account uses:

  Israeli importers and exporters processing payments for goods
  Payments to international business and professional services providers
  Payments to local R&D affiliate or foreign sales affiliate
  Payments to settle invoices in foreign currency (e.g., airfare, diamonds, and commodities)  

   Suitable for:

  Registered Israeli businesses or local affiliates and
  who hold an account in their name at an Israeli bank with a signatory located in Israel and
  who regularly exchange amounts valued in excess of $10,000 USD** and 
  are exchanging funds held in their own name at their Israeli or foreign bank
  OR are receiving/delivering valid, legal, verifiable business payments from/to identified third party customers/vendors.  


   Currently available currency pairs & rate types:

   USD/ILS (US Dollar / New Israeli Shekel) – priced daily at the Bank of Israel daily reference (“Yatzig”) rate published on its site
   EUR/ILS (EURO / New Israeli Shekel) – priced daily at the Bank of Israel daily reference (“Yatzig”) rate published on its site
   EUR/USD (EURO / US Dollar) – priced daily at the European Central Bank  daily reference rate published on its site

*Plus applicable VAT.  Valid tax invoice provided.
**Minimum charge per exchange transaction of 180 NIS (plus VAT) applies.

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