Financial Safety

We don't take lightly the responsibility of handling other people's money.  We have taken a proactive approach, adopting a variety of best practices to ensure the security of our processes and the safety of our customers’ money. 

As a matter of policy, Clearshift segregates all customer funds into specially designated bank accounts.  In other words, your money never enters our own pocket.  The purpose is to insulate your money from any risks associated with our business.

To insulate our segregated customer funds from external risks, Clearshift maintains an absolute policy against releasing proceeds of an exchange transaction to a customer until the customer has sufficient coverage for the exchange transaction in their Clearshift account.  While this may lengthen the transaction cycle and inconvenience some customers, the overall safety and integrity considerations of the settlement system prevent us from taking delivery risks with ANY customer.

We carry insurance against financial crimes, including embezzlement and erroneous transfers.

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