IT Security


Our transactional web site is secured against unauthorized access.  All login session communications are SSL-encrypted, as certified by the VeriSign Trust Seal.  Clearshift generates its own usernames to eliminate exposure to user login details hacked from other sites.  IP-based security and Two-Factor Authentication are available upon request.  The website server and other systems are monitored continually against attacks and other risks.

   Systems and Infrastructure

Our servers are hosted in a remote data center ("cloud") certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System standards and ISO 27001 Information Security Management standards.  Our cloud is a private managed cloud governed by SLAs, offering maximum security and reliability.  The data centers are security-manned with restricted smart-card access and are monitored with CCTV and alarms.  The centers include failover protection for power or communications failures.

   Business Data

Our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan is designed to eliminate any single point of failure and ensure that our financial records are preserved in accordance with financial institutional standards, including:

   Secure multi-site real-time SAN replication
   Primary daily offsite backup
   Secondary daily remote backup to an independent online storage provider

   Customer Support Calls

For your protection, customer calls are recorded.  As a matter of policy, no financial transaction instructions via general e-mail are accepted without being confirmed via another secure channel of communication.

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