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Online Payment Portal Launched

- June 17, 2014

Clearshift began rolling out its secure online portal to selected customers. Through the portal, customers will be able to initiate payments to preregistered beneficiaries, download transactions for bookkeeping and view transaction history.  The site is secured by SSL (not OpenSSL) and uses SMS one-time passwords to verify order authorization. CEO Ari Dobner explained that a comprehensive review of the pros and cons of various security policies and technologies resulted in a solution that balances convenience and safety. The risk of an unauthorized transaction in a customer account is practically nonexistent, especially since new beneficiaries cannot be added directly through the portal.

The portal also supports initiation of ACH debit transactions for customers with personal accounts who have signed up for the service. This enables customers to initiate end-to-end funds transfer and conversion with a single login.

Additional improvements and features are planned for the portal, including support for Hebrew.
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