Company Profile


Our mission is to innovate and lead the transformation in financial services towards maximum transparency; to generate tangible value to our customers and the market as a whole; to leverage technology to enable the global delivery of safe, simple financial services; to close the transactional gaps in international trade.


The Clearshift group of companies has its corporate headquarters in Europe.  Each regional market is served by a local affiliate, ensuring that our customers are serviced in the culture, language and legal environment they are familiar with.  Clearshift (Israel) Ltd currently serves the Israeli market and Clearshift (US) Company serves the US market. 


Our unique transparent pricing model, separately disclosing the precise independent market exchange rate and our transaction fee, is modeled after the fair pricing standards laid out by Maimonidies (Sales Law Ch. 13).  In our view, our superior expertise in currency exchange gives us an ethical duty to pass on the benefit of that expertise to our customers, not a license to extract profits from uninformed customers. 

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